Yes this Gautam Adani who is richer than Mukesh Ambani

Born on 24 June 1962 he is belong from jain family

Today;s people giving the most value to big degrees but do you know, this person dropped out from his college in Second year

After dropped out from his college , he came to Mumbai and do the job in diamond shop.

In 1985 he established Adani Export and gotted Govt. contract for Mudra Port in Gujarat in 1995

Mundra Port in Gujarat which is country's largest port.This is when Adani's life turn

After that he was never look back and take over of infrastructure sector of India

The Adani group also owns on 74% stake in Mumbai International Airport which is the second busiest airport in the India

Currently he hold the 9th place in the richest man in the world and 1st position in India