He belong From the slums of Tadiwala Road in Pune

Rapper M C Stan's Full Name is aka Altaf Shaikhand the internet

His past a childhood was full presence of criminals and the police as well as music and the internet

MC Stan’s began his musical journey with qawwali and the internet

MC Stan start his musical journey when he was around 12 or 13 year old & his brother introduced him to hip-hop.

When he was Tadipaar in 2020, MC Stan started telling his life's story in the form of rapper song

Suddenly, the world discovered the rapper. MC stan is big fan of international rapper and singer Mr. Eminem.

MC Stan's Net worth is 3 million US dollars. This Earing from Youtube and Sponsored Event.

He was uploaded his life's eventfull stoty on Youtube , That was video gaine 70M view.

His fan asking him to take part in Big Boss 16. He was take decision and now Result in fron of us.

MC Stan was belive in his capacity & is follow his passion.