First lady Jill Biden tests positive for Covid-19

The first lady, who is double vaccinated and twice boosted, is taking Paxlovid, Pfizer's antiviral drug

A person close to the first lady told CNN Tuesday morning that Jill Biden is "feeling good" and has "common cold"-like symptoms

The first lady is 71 years old, making her the oldest sitting first lady in modern American history

She exercises several times a week, taking classes at local barre gyms.This is the first time she has had Covid-19

She is currently staying at a private residence in South Carolina

Melania Trump also got COVID-19 at the same time as her husband

President Biden initially tested positive for Covid-19 on July 21

He and his wife, Jill, have a net worth of $8 million

President Joe Biden turns 80-years-old on November 20. While he is the oldest person to take office