Now a Day Heart attack is very common reason for death in USA

Now a Day Heart attack is very common reason for death IN USA

If something special is to be noticed these days, then it is only one thing that people get heart attack. And now Sonali Phogat, all of them have died of the same disease, that is only heart attack, if the age of all four is seen, then there was no more, all of them were under 50, only if Raju is left out, then all of them Were under 50, now it comes to the fore that the attack comes, why people have started coming at a young age, in this time, in the earlier times, at the age of 30, people are coming a lot more. Now a Day Heart attack is very common reason for death in USA


If we look at the data of the last few days, when the number of deaths is seen, it is happening due to only one reason, which is the reason for heart attack. name has been added to this list. There is a reason for everyone in this, that is heart attack.
Heart attack is 7 symptoms, let’s know about these symptoms

Now a Day Heart attack is very common reason for death in USA

It has been seen many times that people ignore chest pain or take some pain killers to pacify the pain, but this is the biggest reason for most of the heart attacks, if you have heartache or your chest pain, then you immediately consult a doctor

Let’s see what are the symptoms of heart attack or 6 signs of heart attack a month before

  1. Severe chest pain
  2. breathlessness giggle
  3. feeling tired
  4. persistent pain in left arm
  5. keep sweating

The biggest reason is to feel nervous, so if you feel any symptom in your body, then you must consult your doctor why this symptom is not a common symptom, these symptoms are such that they can do anything. can with you


As far as it is seen, the common thing of heart attack is chest pain. When does chest pain occur? When your cholesterol level gets out of control. To keep it under control, you should do regular exercise. You should take care of your diet. Do not eat too much oily thing, such as samosa bhajiya etc.

How to prevent heart attack

If you have to eat, then eat fruits, which are high in fiber, will keep your heart healthy and fit. Vitamins are high in all these fruits and things containing vitamins are very beneficial to your heart.

And yes, if you are going to the gym, running on the treadmill, then you should do the gym according to your weight or lift the weight, do not lift more weight in the show of making a quick body or doing something else.

Do not run too fast on the treadmill because this can also become the biggest reason of ​​a heart attack because when you lift or run something more than your capacity now, it directly affects your heart, which is the biggest reason. When you start feeling short of breath, your heart’s pump capacity increases.


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